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Vision: a Resource for Writers is published bi-monthly by Forward Motion E-Press, Lazette Gifford, Editor. All authors own the copyrights to their work.

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Articles for Subject: Electronic Publishing

Gifford, LazetteThe Choices in Ebook Publishing14
Gifford, LazetteDarrell Bain -- Stepping Into the Future32
Gifford, LazetteDeron Douglas of DDP Publishing12
Gifford, LazetteEpublishing As the Middle Ground7
Gifford, LazetteMarketing Ebooks11
Gifford, LazettePreparing Manuscripts for Ebook Publication62
Gifford, LazetteThis Is Not a Test ... Epublishing In the Real World13
Gifford, LazetteTwo Paths to Book Publication28
Gifford, LazetteUniformity In E-Publication5
Marble, Anne M.E-books and the Romance Field3
Marlow, J. A.eBook Retailer Comparison63

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