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Articles for Subject: Critiquing

Adams, LindaCritiquing Omniscient Viewpoint55
Arden, V. AnneBut I Don't Know How to Critique!5
Connolly-Reisner, S. J.Dealing With Criticism22
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyDare to Be Blunt22
Gifford, LazetteCreating the Useful Critique22
Gifford, LazetteIn Praise of Praise--a Second Look at Critiquing1
Keene, CourtneyDragons, Sorcerors, and Mis-Capitalized Words: How to Properly Critique a Work of Fantasy22
Kneale, Heidi WessmanWorkshopping and Critique30
McNarie, KathyDo You Know What You Want From a Critique?36
Mills, JimWhat Are Crit Circles?1
Parks, ChelleyAnatomy of a Critique18
Serdy, ValerieCritiquing the New Writer15
Squibbs, WayneCritique: Pitfalls, Spikes and Ropes (Part 1)49
Squibbs, WayneCritique: Pitfalls, Spikes and Ropes (Part 2)50
Squibbs, WayneCritique: Pitfalls, Spokes and Ropes (Part 3)51
Stone, DavidGiving and Receiving Critiques: an Exercise in Objectivity9
Ward, AndiConfessions of a Blunt Critiquer9
Ward, AndiThe Importance of Self-Critique22
Watts, Lorianne N.The Other Voice: Learning How to Give (and Handle!) Critiques22

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