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Articles for Subject: Young Writers

Chayne, ElizabethBy the Way, I'm Not Perfect53
Chayne, ElizabethCrime Scene #1: Casting Characters62
Chayne, ElizabethThe Do's and Don'ts of Feedback (What to Change, What to Ignore, and Why)60
Chayne, ElizabethHelp Someone Else Deal with Rejection50
Chayne, ElizabethHow Does the Short Story Market Work?51
Chayne, ElizabethHow Good Is It?57
Chayne, ElizabethNaming Your Characters58
Chayne, ElizabethThe Right Way to Write52
Chayne, ElizabethThe Rules of Science56
Chayne, ElizabethThis Year I Will...55
Chayne, ElizabethWhere Your Story is Going (How to Rewrite)59
Chayne, ElizabethWriting For a Living54
Hastings, VictoriaStarting Out: a Guide for Young Writers23
Long, Beth AdeleBefriending the Internal Editor2
Long, Beth AdeleFive Practical Tips For Young Writers1
Long, Beth AdeleWrite What You Know--Or What You Want?3
Pass, JuliaUsing School To Enhance Your Writing and Your Career9
Warner, ColletteInto the Coffin28
Watts, LorianneBeing a Teenage Writer16

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