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Articles for Subject: Worldbuilding -- Animals

Billing, BobThe Curious Behavior of the Altharian Tzog in the Night10
Billing, BobHorse Sense10
Bresnehan, StephenThe Care and Feeding of Fantasy Creatures11
Dawson, Jeri-TalleeHorse Communication 10110
Elliott, Sarah JaneBuilding a Better Beast1
Elliott, Sarah JaneA Man in Beast's Clothing2
Geimer, JamiWriter's Primer on Parrots10
Glazar, MarilynCreature Building 101: Part 123
Glazar, MarilynCreature Building 101: Part 223
Glazar, MarilynCreature Building 101: Part 324
Glazar, MarilynCreature Building 101: Part 424
Reeds, JeffDescribing Fantastic Creatures10
Serdy, ValerieFlora, Fauna, Fiction6
Serdy, ValerieKeep Your Eyes Open10
Smith, Heidi ElizabethFelines In Fantasy: Clich10
Stanchfield, JustinThe Heritage of the Barnyard: Common Animals in Uncommon Fiction10
Viehl, S. L.Adapting Earth Animals Into Alien Lifeforms10
Wilson, Mary K.Horses For Writers: Just the Basics7
Wilson, Mary K.Sunlight and Air: Feeding a Fictional Horse10

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