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Vision: a Resource for Writers is published bi-monthly by Forward Motion E-Press, Lazette Gifford, Editor. All authors own the copyrights to their work.

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Articles for Subject: Workshops

Gifford, LazetteAll the Way to the End52
Gifford, LazetteAlmost Random Events21
Gifford, LazetteThe Basics of Setting31
Gifford, LazetteChanges to Help Break Writer's Block47
Gifford, LazetteCharacters Beneath the Skin30
Gifford, LazetteCreating the Useful Critique22
Gifford, LazetteDo More Than See ...12
Gifford, LazetteEditing for Length45
Gifford, LazetteExperimenting with POV50
Gifford, LazetteThe Fine Art of Starting63
Gifford, LazetteFour Steps for Working Up Openings27
Gifford, LazetteFun with Random Generated Ideas and Short Stories51
Gifford, LazetteHelping the Setting to Set the Mood43
Gifford, LazetteHow to Build Rome in a Day48
Gifford, LazetteI'd Rather Be Writing36
Gifford, LazetteLearn Something New Everyday40
Gifford, LazetteMain Character Descriptions in Third and First Person54
Gifford, LazetteA Modern City -- From the Real to the Unreal49
Gifford, LazetteThe Observation Diary34
Gifford, LazettePainting a Scene32
Gifford, LazettePainting With Words33
Gifford, LazettePreparing Manuscripts for Ebook Publication62
Gifford, LazetteQuick Stop for Semi-Important Characters44
Gifford, LazetteResurrecting Old Stories19
Gifford, LazetteRevisiting Simple Outlines...and NaNo Tricks53
Gifford, LazetteReworking Info Dumps38
Gifford, LazetteRewriting the Beast17
Gifford, LazetteSet Up an On-line Critique Group for 200842
Gifford, LazetteStart Your Year Our Writer Right61
Gifford, LazetteTalk To Your Characters23
Gifford, LazetteThe Lost Sense37
Gifford, LazetteUsing Your Favorite Book as a Guide25
Gifford, LazetteWhat is Your Market29
Gifford, LazetteWorld Building Short Cuts, Part 159
Gifford, LazetteWorld Building Short Cuts, Part 260
Gifford, LazetteThe Worst Case Scenario35
Gifford, LazetteWriting Query Letters for Novels46
Gifford, LazetteA Year of Worldbuilding and Conflict55
Gifford, LazetteA Year of Worldbuilding and Conflict, Part 256
Gifford, LazetteA Year of Worldbuilding and Conflict, Part Three57
Gifford, LazetteA Year of Worldbuilding, Part 458
Gifford, LazetteZette's Quick Guide to Writing Short Stories10
Kelly, SheilaWriting the Novel Synopsis15
Lisle, HollyAsking the Right Questions (From Holly Lisle's Create a Plot Clinic)39
Lisle, HollyBeyond the Basics--Creating the Professional Plot Outline1
Lisle, HollyBurn It, Bury It, Let It Live--a Workshop7
Lisle, HollyCreating Conflict: or, the Joys of Boiling Oil24
Lisle, HollyDeeper People--Putting Yourself Into Your Characters3
Lisle, HollyThe Description Workshop8
Lisle, HollyHolidays in Hell and Other Delights--a Workshop6
Lisle, HollyHoning Your Talent5
Lisle, HollyHow to Get There From Here: the Magic of Goals13
Lisle, HollyHow to Write Suckitudinous Fiction18
Lisle, HollyLost On the Border At Twilight: Finding and Using Your Life's Essential Strangeness4
Lisle, HollyNotecarding: Plotting Under Pressure11
Lisle, HollyOne-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft To Last In One Cycle9
Lisle, HollySaving the World Through Typing14
Lisle, HollyScene Creation Workshop28
Lisle, HollyTime and First Person16
Lisle, HollyTool2: Twist41
Lisle, HollyVisualization For Writers Workshop2
Tribolo, LeahCreate a Writing Collage20

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