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Articles for Subject: Submissions

Comer, ValerieWriting 101: So You Want to Write a Novel: Part 4: Submitting a Novel55
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyReviewing a Magazine Before Submission25
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyTaking the Plunge18
Gifford, LazetteEditorial Intrusions18
Grenier, VSRejection is a Part of the Game38
mistriThe Slushpile13
Moir, CarolynOrganizing Submissions33
Nipper, CarterShort Story Submission and the Death of Trees29
Salisbury, DebShould You Consider Submitting to a Micro-Publisher?52
Sandstedt, TeriLetting Go18
Smith, Heidi ElizabethRevision and Submission9
Viehl, S. L.The Good, the Bad, and the Icky: Proposals That Sell/Don't Sell Your Novel9
Wiener, SuzanAvoid the Last Minute Rush When Submitting Seasonal Manuscripts39
Wiener, Suzan L.Getting Your First Sale37
Wiener, Suzan L.Rules to Write By35
Wiener, Suzan L.Sample Copies -- Your Best Investment36
Wiener, Suzan L.Ten Ways to Annoy an Editor40
Wright, EllenMy First Time18

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