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Articles for Subject: Character Building

What Makes Good Characters?13
Adams, LindaCharacters From the Soul13
Adams, LindaConsequences of Your Character's Actions17
Baudet, StephanieCreating Characters for Children's Books56
Brewer, LauraWhen Characters Develop Minds of Their Own13
Catesby, RobinUsing the Tools of an Actor5
Catron, Louis E.'A Touch of Madness' -- the Writer as Actor13
Chayne, ElizabethBy the Way, I'm Not Perfect53
Comer, ValerieAttitude Adjustments17
Cowgill, BonnieCharacters and Settings: The Choices People Make13
Dickens, LeighaA Model for Knowing Your Character26
Eck, KarenCatching the Cat's Tale21
Ellington, DevonThe Misbehaving Character45
Gifford, LazetteCharacters Beneath the Skin30
Gifford, LazetteQuick Stop for Semi-Important Characters44
Gifford, LazetteTalk To Your Characters23
Globenski, RobinEmotional Memory: Journaling for Characterization60
Grenier, VSThink Like Your Characters -- Think Like Your Readers39
Hightside, CarolListening to the Voices in My Head30
Kiddle, NickUsing the Plot-Character Interaction13
Kurilla, PeggyFull Fathom13
Lisle, HollyDeeper People--Putting Yourself Into Your Characters3
MacKirin, FeathCharacters Are People13
Marble, Anne M.Headhopping, Authorial Intrusion, and Shocked Expressions7
Marble, Anne M.Your Characters Are Not Puppets1
Murry, RodgerThe Ordinary Woman33
Nipper, CarterStudies in Lines and Shadows: Character Development in Short Stories30
Pease, Dorry CatherineWho Is That Character?30
Serdy, ValerieYour Modern Hobbies, Your Ancient World5
Sloan, Robert A.Dare You Write About Your Family?8

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