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Articles for Subject: Revision

Chaisson, JonLife After Chaotic Writing: the Dreaded Revision17
Chayne, ElizabethWhere Your Story is Going (How to Rewrite)59
Dorr, RobertMaking Revision Enjoyable17
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyFrom First to Final: Steps for Honing Your Short Story21
Fisk, Margaret McGaffeyThe Tarnished Crown17
Gifford, LazetteResurrecting Old Stories19
Gifford, LazetteRewriting the Beast17
Gwyn, KeliRevision: Plotting Along59
Harlowe, J.Paying Attention Pays Dividends17
Kurilla, PeggyPatching It Up16
Lisle, HollyOne-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft To Last In One Cycle9
Roddie, AlexThe Dangers of Permanent Revision Syndrome17
Shafer, JenniferAutumn Leaves: a Writer's First Novel Rewrite9
Shope, BethTrue Writing Is Rewriting9
Sinclair, AlisonBlunting the Knife3
Smith, Heidi ElizabethRevision and Submission9
Staniszewski, AnnaCutting Characters You Love58
Stephenson, CarolColor My Revisions9
Stephenson, CarolIn a Revision Rut? Try 52 Index Card Pickup11
Stephenson, CarolRevision Letters: Wide Angle and Zoom Lenses Required12
Stephenson, CarolThe Right To Revise10
Temple, MikaFrugal Writer60
Willis, L. RubenSelf-Editing: Why It Is a Good Thing11

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