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Articles for Subject: Research

Billing, RobertHow to be Wrong45
Bonanno, D. M.Research On the Go26
Cruse, LonnieResearching by the Seat of Your Pants40
Derbyshire, KatherineReporting for Fiction: Where to Find Original Detail3
Ehrenkranz, Penny LockwoodMake Procrastination Work for You49
Gifford, LazetteLearn Something New Everyday40
Gifford, LazetteOrganizing Research26
Kaufman, RachelResearch: Who Needs It?26
Marble, Anne M.Research Flaws in Romance Novels2
McCracken, Desiree A.Keeping Your Research Researchable26
Miller, Christa M.Expert Witnesses: Choosing and Interviewing Subjects26
Miller, Christa M.How Writing Nonfiction Can Help Your Fiction27
Moye, StaceyThe Pitfalls of Researching Unawares26
Offutt, PaulaResearching and the 'Net26
Pitt, CatrinMy World Revolves Around Books: Learning From Other Books and Genres34
Stanchfield, JustinThe Cheap Adventurer5
Wiener, Suzan L.Using the Internet Wisely63

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