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Writer of: Horror / Dark Fiction / Fantasy / Essays

About Me

Reside: Central Georgia
Married: Happily
Children: miscellaneous dogs and cats
Education: BA in English, Master of Librarianship
Employed: Librarian at a Technical College
Interests (besides writing): Reading, Gardening, Tarot, Football

I have had a passion for words since I can remember. Puns, crosswords, poetry, good prose, and writing have always taken a special place in my life. I never really thought about writing for publication until about 2001. At that time, I began to seriously study the craft of fiction writing. Soon after, I came across a reference to Holly Lisle's Mugging the Muse.

This book transformed my wish to be published into a dream. The sound, practical advice and common sense contained in this little e-book (it's free, by the way) launched me into a career as a writer. Thanks Holly! Shortly thereafter, I joined the Forward Motion Writer's Community where I have found and continue to find a wealth of wisdom and support.

I can never repay the debts I owe to Holly, Lazette Gifford, and all the people at Forward Motion. All I can do is to try to pay it forward somehow. Some day, some way, I will find a meaningful way to do that.

I feel that in writing I have found my "Path With a Heart". It is a path full of challenges and adventures, danger and comfort, sorrow and joy. It is a path with life and heart and soul. It is my path to redemption and salvation. Moving forward each day, I put my feet on the upward path and climb ever higher.

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